Measuring system

Save welding costs!

Secure customer confidence!

Convenient portability!

Convenient touch screen!

  • Portable, small size and light weight
  • 3D Non-contact measurement
  • Reduces measurement time to 0.2 seconds
  • Measurement accuracy without deviation (±0.2mm)
  • Windows CE 
  • LCD touch screen
  • USB interface
Application field
  • Shipbuilding and offshore plant
  • Bridges, construction beams, nuclear power, and wind power
  • Railway vehicle, excavator, forklift, and armored vehicle
Measureable items (FILLET, BUTT) 
  • Slope of upper/lower leg length, square bar leg, reinforcement, and member
  • External weld defects-undercut, overlap
  • Measurement of acute, obtuse, and multi-layered angles
  • Measurement of various shapes, e.g. difference, gap