K Series
Painting Robot

K series maximum payload weight:5〜20kg

Diverse line up

Our line-up is equipped with a wide range of manipulators from KF121 for small work to KJ314 for painting interior and exterior panels of automobiles. We suggest the optimal robot equipment according to various conditions, including the size of workpiece and installation space.

Built-in hose arm

A lineup of built-in hose arms that have been upgraded as special specifications for automobile bodies as standard types. The built-in hose prevents dust adhering to the external hose on painting machines and to the painting objects.

Authentic peripherals

Ensures seamless facility construction and stable production with robot-related devices, e.g. robot driving devices, work conveyor/rotation devices, including painter control panel and program input devices.

Top market share in Japan

Since the release of the painting robot, it has maintained top market share in Japan. The K series performs in a wide range of industries. With this rich field data, we deliver advanced functions ahead of customer requirements.

Supports planning to completion

Customers new to painting can be relieved as we propose facilities that focus on minimum requirements and quality from rich experience. Our group of experts supports from the advice at the beginning of planning to the help facility completion