R Series
Small and mid-sizedgeneral-purpose

R series maximum payload weight :  3〜80kg

Top class speed

The maximum speed and acceleration have significantly improved by weight reduction of arm, high output/high-rotation small motor adoption.
Moreover, robots always demonstrate the best performance and ensure a significant reduction in cycle time by changing acceleration according to the load mass or posture.

Compact wrist and high torque

The compact wrist makes it possible to work in a small space freely. The robot's wrist load capability has been upgraded by adopting a high-power, high-rotation small motor, and strengthening the arm stiffness. There are wider options to choose from, e.g. hand, tool, and work shapes.

Large operating range

The maximum reach, as well as the motion stroke of each axis, has been expanded, including the motion area under or near the robot. This gives even better freedom in layout.

Excellent environmental adaptability

Each joint has a double seal structure, and a waterproof connector for connectors, realizing IP67 of the wrist and IP65 of the base axis.

High expandability

As an option, a built-in valve or sensor harness is provided, making it effortless to use or install with various peripheral devices. Further, it is easy to install additional wiring and piping on the service tap installed in each arm part.