RA,BA Series
Arc Welding Robot

Maximum payload weight of arc welding robot 5~20kg

Easy operation

A simple teaching screen dedicated to welding and allows simple operation is installed as a standard to achieve welding that of skilled technicians.
The teaching pendant adopts a color liquid crystal touch panel that is easy to view and handle.

Connect the optimum welding machine with one cable

A dedicated welding machine interface is built-in as standard for easy connection to the robot with one cable. This enables to use customer-made welding conditions. By classifying welding conditions and registering them in the database, they can be imported and used at any time with one touch.

Drastically reduces downtime!

The robot is equipped with a dedicated start sequence that improves the arc start rate and a restart sequence function that resumes to the welding breakpoint and automatically overlaps welding and resumes production welding.

Constant various equipment

Compatible with high-noise applications, e.g. TIG welding, plasma welding and cutting, including (1) Servo torch (2) Touch sensing (DC15V, DC400V) (3) special pattern weaving (4) RTPM (arc sensor) (5) start point sensing (6) Multi-level scale deployment (7) AVC (arc sensor for TIG welding )
Product that has been researched from the design stage to cope with tasks with noise occurrence, such as TIG and plasma cutting

Teaching less

Welding system can be established without teaching by link with KCONG